Construction Inspection, Materials Testing (IBC & IRC), Construction Quality Control & Quality Assurance

The structural integrity and longevity of a construction project depends on the quality of the materials, their conformance to the project specifications, and their proper application relative to becoming part of a structure.

E.M. Tech provides construction inspection and materials testing services throughout the greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We inspect and test soils, concrete, reinforcing steel, masonry, structural steel, and asphalt construction to verify conformance with the approved plans and specifications. Our engineering inspectors and technicians are trained and certified in proper testing methods and inspection techniques, and all services are provided in accordance with the requirements of the local jurisdictional entities.

E.M. Tech also provides quality control/quality assurance services in order to ensure that construction materials and methods meet required specifications. We offer record review services to keep our clients apprised with the status of active work and with a summary of completed processes, allowing them a means for tracking progress and expenses.

From storm water management facilities and ponds to buildings that utilize many different materials and techniques, from earthwork construction involving materials like Marine CLAY or bedrock to all types of retaining walls and erection of structural steel, E.M. Tech has experience in a broad range of project types, as noted on our Project List. We have performed construction testing and inspection services, along with quality control/quality assurance services, since 1997.